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Terms of acceptance for participation in the state order competition
After the 9th grade - from June 25 to August 18
After the 11th grade - from June 25 to August 20
For working specialties and on a paid basis*
Admission dates: From June 25 to August 25

To participate in the competition, applicants on the basis of basic secondary education submit an application by August 18 of the calendar year, on the basis of general secondary, technical and vocational, after secondary education - by August 20 of the calendar year in accordance with paragraph 12 of these rules.

When applying for the competition, applicants choose up to four specialties, qualifications (if necessary) approved by local executive bodies of regions, cities of republican significance and the capital, up to four TiPPO organizations approved by the commission for placing a state order for training with TiPPO, the language of instruction (Kazakh, Russian, English), the level of education.

For applicants with basic secondary education (grade 9) - from grades in three subjects: a compulsory subject (Kazakh or Russian) and two subjects in the specialty profile;
For applicants with general secondary education (grade 11) - from grades in four subjects: compulsory subjects (Kazakh or Russian, history of Kazakhstan) and two subjects in the specialty profile
Ranking of applicants (competition) by specialties and colleges, taking into account grades and quota category
For grades 9 from August 19 to 22,
For grades 11 from August 22 to 25
Issuance of certificates of assignment to a specialty (qualification) and college – August 23 (25)
Enrollment of applicants to colleges until August 31
Deadlines for receiving documents
For a mid-level specialist: for full-time training from June 25 to August 25;
By working qualifications: from June 25 to August 27.
Upon admission, you must provide the following documents:
1. Document of education (original);
2. Application indicating the chosen specialty;
3. Medical certificate f.No. 075u, med.vaccination card f.No. 063, health passport, fluorography snapshot;
4. Photos of 3x4 - 6 pieces;
5. Identity card or birth certificate (copy);
6. Applicant's IIN (copy);
7. The EDS key of the legal representative for signature.
Opening hours from June 25, 2021
Monday - Sunday: from 9:00 to 18:00
Lunch break from 13:00 to 14:00
E-government web portal: www. around the clock, except for technical interruptions due to repair work on the portal.
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